Saturday, 9 October 2010

The poor rich Americans

I recently had a chance to see how much the Americans are in debt, as they seem to have so much to go to war,spending on games, and luxuries we can least imagine.

We have been taught not to live in a state of debt, maybe our needs are few and our desires are less, our spendings are stingy, but debt is scary, when it is beyond our means.

A Trillion Dollars

If you travel back in time to the birth of Yeshua and spent a million dollars a day, by today's date you still wouldn't have spent 1 trillion dollars. An American Trillion is a million million: 1 followed by 12 zeros.

America's government debt estimated at more than $13 trillion. $43,600.00 for every Man, Woman and Child!Before this coming New Years Eve the American government will issue almost as much new debt as the rest of the world's governments combined!

Total Credit Debt which includes all government debt, corporate and personal debt the figures comes to $47 trillion.: $157 000.00 per every American!

Japan is owed more than $580 billion

China more than $390 billion

United Kingdom more than $320 billion.

Those amounts represent money owned to Japanese, Chinese and British workers to secure their retirements.

How are the future generations of Americans going to pay back this enormous debt?

Or are such loans written off like some parties do when they win elections in our lands!

maybe their printing press will work over time!

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