Sunday, 3 October 2010

Antique vessel

The drinking water bottle has become a scare with the Bpa in the plastics.

Living in the tropics, or constant traveling can get one thirsty to seek a source of safe drinking water.

Most of us in this generation have become adjusted to the water bottle that carries the water, we cannot even think what else can water come from or be carried in.

The school children have no alternative,the parents cannot imagine the child consuming water from any other source but from their own homes.

we found this vessel in the antique cupboard, a stainless steel vessel , jar like with a capacity for ¾ of a litre.

Vessels of this kind ,was what was taken those days when one went to the cinemas, or travel.

It has two tumblers that go with this vessel at the top near the lid with screw rings .

Many a neighbor would give a look of wonder when one carries this to work or take it outside for a refill or a wash, but antique things always get a look of amazement!


ravi said...

Thanks for refreshing my child hood. In Andhra we use to have such containers made of copper & brass.Steel came much later. I remember my grandparents used to carry the brass water container (`mara chembu' in telugu) wherever they go. Thank god they never insisted me to take it to school.

venkhat said...

u are welcome, am happy it brought back memories of your younger days.