Monday, 22 November 2010

Adoption of America as a new homeland

I have many a country cousin of mine who have taken up citizenship of America, I am tempted too,but i have heard things are not that easy as early times.

Seeing the Dream act, i have many ideas cropping up in my mind, and the goverment of America seems to have such a kind heart for the illegal aliens, that they dont mind spending their own money, for the sake of the cross border folks.

Development, relief and education of alien minors( below 35 is a minor according to this DREAM act) the kids can get free education, they can bring on their families once they are settled,( chain migration) ohhh things are too good to be true, how kind hearted the Americans are , at least for this sake i can get to learn the "yankeee doodle went to town a riding on a pony..." song.

On second thoughts i will stay where i am, let things settle down and see if the DREAM act gets to be passed.

Then America will be the Dream land for those illegals, and Hell for those who are already living there paying the taxes.

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