Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mother by law

She was a Mother by law, she passed on her greatest treasure at the wedding, Her Daughter.
She gave a lot of material accessories , but they were immaterial in comparison.
She was a kind compassionate lady who did proud to her daughter, in her care and concern, for folks around her.

She attended most functions at her daughters school, to encourage,
she never missed the family get together s either,
Most of all she never created hurdles for all the nonsensical freedoms that i adored.

She had accompanied us to Poona for our meditation programmes and took part
in them at our village.

She had special moments for our son as all grand mas do.

She made her last pilgrimage to Varnasi, and passed away helping her fellow travellers, who met with an accident between Gaya and Varnasi.
She was cremated by those who went on the pilgrimage.

She was a Mother by law, but like my own in freedom.


Yoda said...

Give my condolences to your wife for her loss, and yours. A lovely tribute that I'm sure will make your MIL smile from wherever she is now.

venkhat said...

Thanks Yoda,u did make me fantasy my MIL smile at the words of her thoughts.
She was told of the previous articles that i did when she was alive, i showed her the blogs too then. she had kind words of appreciation.