Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine(2010)[* *]

I'm always surprised people would spend money making bad movies. Really, when you're putting millions into something, a lot of work storyboarding and paying 30 - 40 people's work hours, wouldn't you pick a meaningful script or at least a quality one? Its life-hours you're wasting. Give the money to charity and do the world a favour.:)

This is the first low-budget nonsensical movie of 2010 I've seen. Not worth the2.5 hours of watching unless you're a Cusack fan. He's gotten himself top-billed on really bad movies of late.


venkhat said...

Yoda u sure have patience watching boring movies, i would rather see Tom and Jerry which i have seen hundreds of times.

Yoda said...

If I knew they were bad in advance I would never watch them, venkhat. Its like ordering something new in a restaurant - small risk if you have the stomach for big surprises.:)

venkhat said...

Agreed, the risk is worth taking at least for those who will not take it , but wait for your reviews to see a movie worth watching.