Friday, 5 November 2010

Love is Stomatitis together

I had wondered what could have brought on the stomatitis (mouth ulcers) for me and my lady together, we were thinking of many reasons from Honey, to sleeplessness at wedding functions, getting things organized at post weddings, gardening, food at restaurants, the thulasi leaves.

Guess what we finally came to pin point, our using of tooth powder and at the same time discussing some serious topic that we forgot the time and we finally landed up with this erosive bombardment of the mouth.

It has been a long time since we made this switch to the Ayurvedic tooth powder, but we were always careful to use just a pinch and not more than a minute in brushing, but some things could make us loose ourselves, and this was one such time.

There i was sitting up late at night , hungry and sipping water with difficulty, the burning was too much, and this morning the breakfast was a temptation of idly and sambar, but my inability was too noticeable that i had to accept oil as a buffering agent for the b' fast.

Things are better now, and now i realize how it must be for the patients who come up with this problem.
it is not just enough to get a great meal, but we must be in a state to relish it, physically.

May we get fully well soon, meanwhile all of u enjoy your food with every bite.


Shazia said...


it is not just enough to get a great meal, but we must be in a state to relish it, physically.

this hit me!


venkhat said...

i am sorry if that hit hurt u, but it sure is a state one realizes.

Shazia said...

i meant struck me with the reality of it, we always think we can eat if we get to eat it, but we dont think if we are able to be fit to eat it, even if we do get it...
i hope you got me right this time

Yoda said...

You're right, Shazia, venkhat really hit the nail on the head with that.:)

I had the same problem when I used miswak ayurvedic toothpaste - it created several mouth ulcers before I figured it out.

venkhat said...

Shazia- got it

Yoda thanks for confirming the ayurvedic preparation for the cause, we will be careful from now on.

I may actually stick to the neem twigs daily, for brushing while i walk around the garden or at the mountain spring.

Yoda said...

vicco makes a really good vegan aurvedic toothpaste, if you're looking for the foam. But, neem is supposed to be the best.:)