Friday, 19 November 2010

Crotch bomber to Love pats

I had written earlier about the full body scanner, at the airpots and was whisked away as something of a breeze.

Ever since the Christmas bomber was caught on a flight, the full body scanner was hurriedly installed in the airports, as if they knew before hand they were coming, and told that they were harmless and could not save pictures and more lies,since shah ruk khan was coming back from united kingdom,autographing on his scanned pictures.

Now it seems that many are noticing that the scanner waves breaks or untwists the Dna strands, and many are opting out of the scanner,for fear of irradiation,only to be led to patting, and hands into pockets search, or worse indignity.

Reading these material and seeing videos of small kids, elders, and handicapped folks being frisked is nauseating.

Well if such measures are a necessity for safe air travel, i guess we have to go with the authorities, or choose another mode of travel or not travel at all, or are such measures being taken to restrict movement and humiliate the society, keeping them cornered, and under control?


Yoda said...

A wicked abuse of our current fad of over-travel and a world growing smaller.

I often wonder how people can endure such humiliation and loss of privacy. I guess they become numbed to it over a long period of such domination.

One thing that could happen is that people, like myself, can choose to travel less. But the downside is that we become very localized.

venkhat said...

Taking it as it comes, may be u said it right the numbed feeling,wonder when that threshold will snap, and turn revolutionary.
TSA - terrorist searching for arms