Sunday, 7 November 2010

An orchestra on a sunday morning

It started like any other morning, but today was one with plans for the afternoon and evening, so some things were musical, let me explain to u.

This sunday afternoon we had plans to go to salem after lunch, so the breakfast and lunch and other chores of the day are arranged with speed and time adjustments.

The grinder has started its spin earlier and the chutney for breakfast was reciped and the hissing of the cooker was on, the occasional slipping down of the plates and saucers of unbreakable material added to the music of the kitchen, and i had requested to show my skill at the hand making chutney that allowed me to also be a part of the orchestra, the maestro was costumed with colorful drapes and the wand was the ladle or the change to another of those utensils with long handles.

Things moved with speed and sounds and the finish was the kids arrival,after a bath,with a stylish hair do and our breakfast of chilliless chutney, honey and dosais was served , we applauded and a shy courtesy was made.

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