Monday, 22 November 2010

Puffed rice and peanuts

There are many ways to fill the tummy at tea times with no tea.
one such filler is called as puffed rice, (pori in the tamil vernacular) and lots of water.

Normally the chit chatters on the home steps have this with peanuts mixed with the rice,while they gossip the local news, now it is the muncher at TV times.

I have heard this is a simple preparation, where large pans are heated with sand and then raw rice is added , the rice gets heated and puffs,it is then collected , salted stored and sent to the market.

The shop owners keep them in gunny bags or in plastic sheets to prevent them from becoming damp.

We prefer to have them roasted again at home with addiction of curry leaves,chillies, turmeric powder and at times peanuts.

For many a home in the village it is the snack of the family.where the tuck box is filled during the weekly shanty date, only to get a refill at the next shanty day.

Once this was the traditional snack,now things are changing with the arrival of the bakeries and the royal chips shop.

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