Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Vaccine Awareness Week

We are in the National Vaccine Awareness Week. November 1-7 2010

We celebrate a variety of weeks and days during the whole year.

How proper it would be if we have time for this vaccine awareness, which seems to be growing more in the general public than in the professionals of medicine.

We could start with the simple question, does the immunity that develops in the administration of the vaccine offer what occurs when the body acquires immunity from a disease?

We could also build on it with asking questions to the ones who promote the vaccine, what are the ingredients in the vaccine, and search the effects of them on our children, as the ones who promote do not know the effects of the ingredients. (if you do not believe me try it on the next vaccine promoter at the clinic, ask.)

Let us ask ourselves, Is the immune system of our children mature or immature for the vaccines?

Start again from the beginning than just continue with what we have been told, that “vaccines are good, and they work, they cannot be questioned.”

Ask questions and search, now that the internet is available.

Do not trust the government for our healthcare, or will u trust them? I DONT.


Yoda said...

I found this interesting article, do read about measles in a 100% vaccinated country like the US.:)

venkhat said...

Thanks Yoda, this is the first time i am reading a vet s ideas about vaccination.
They confirm much of what some of the anti vaccination folks feel.

Shazia said...

Even I felt something akin to this.. but never questioned the system.. I wanted my child to be vaccine free.. but I haven't enough courage to do so ..IN fact I prefer the mosquito bites (natural vaccines)to all those list of vaccines that are there in the vaccination card..
I never dared to think I could question this!! Maybe I should have..