Monday, 1 November 2010

On the banks of the Thirumani Mutharoo

Thirumani Mutharoo is a stream that gets its waters from yercaud from the Killiyur falls which drains the lake of Yercaud town, but now the flow is more of the garbage and stink of Salem being polluted into its waters.

It was a Sunday evening and the occasion was a get together of like minded folks with one who is like all of us but who has had a taste of a cruise of the cosmic kind.

Me and my lady were early so we were watching the bird formations in the sky, the white winged ones showing us innumerable formations with their large numbers, to be suddenly mingled by the crows, it was a blend of the black and the white, then the crows found their own group and perched on a water tank to also watch the white winged ones drift and move to the horizon.

The evening darshan was a sharing of ideas and expressions and music.
many points had been touched, but the one that i found most interesting is mental constipation.

when the creative spirit in us is suppressed, it goes in for a constipated feeling, and the result can be a stagnation, which will eventually get expressed as ill stinky hated outburst of anger and sarcasm.

A movement from suppression to expression which leads on to celebration, a cruise of the inner kind was shown to be the way.

I had a chance to sing, " when i was a little boy, quay sera sera.."
and " anndavan ullagathin muthalali.. avanukku naan oru tholilali.."
My lady sang " thelivu guruvin thiru meni kaanal..'

It was an evening of quick flow of time with oneness of self, nature also celebrated with us with thunder,lightening and a shower of the soft drizzly kind.

we reached home catching the 9.30 pm bus modeling on the way under the shroud of the umbrella.

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