Friday, 26 November 2010

Honey honey honey - it is money

There are many a tribal folk coming down from the Kolli hills carrying honey from the wild mountain side,it is precious to them and they are made to sell it for a price at market value.

Those who have been trading, have got to know the rules and side paths to the market that they have started to find ways to make money too.

It was at such a time that i got to meet a local man, at my work station asking me if i wanted honey,he said he got it from a coconut tree and wanted some money so he is selling his gift of nature.

Seeing my confusion to want it or not he said it was genuine and if allowed till no moon day it would have been more,but he wanted money so he raided the hive for the treasure.

He knew i was not convinced, so he asked for a glass of water and poured the honey to show that it was immiscible, he poured the water away and asked for matches, which i got from a smoker around, he dipped into the remaining honey to show it was not having water in it and struck to bring on the fire.

Well i was not convinced, but i said OK i will trust, and was awarded a gift of rich honey, for a price.

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