Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Onion peeling - a guide to nothingness

There are many ways one could help at the kitchen, in the hurry burry hours of the morning.

Sitting cross legged on the mat of the cold tile on the Spartex floor, a plate of small onions (the specialty of the region,) at the side, a small blunt round ended knife for safety, and a small basket to drop the peelings, such simple requirements can start the chore to turn it into a play to soothe the mind and relax the body.

The blunt knife is the best for learners who can get the outer most layer off the onions, cutting the nose and the tail, ( like my lady says) gets the skin off the onion, later to be chopped into smaller pieces, these onions are getting to be anemic these days,blanched,unlike the pink ones of those days, these do not even make us weep and clear our eyes, may be these onions of the day are loosing their values, and their flavor.

Many a story is told of the onion among the spiritual seekers, that life is like an onion, or pick any problem and if u go deep and deep eventually it comes to nothing,sounds so philosophical, but for now we peel onions for the preparations of the tasty nutritious dishes.

This morning it was for the tomato sambar, which went wonderfully with the dosais and cereal powders and coconut oil.

For those who are yet to break their overnight fast, may it give u an idea of preparation.


Shazia said...

hit me again
"onions of the day are loosing their values, and their flavor."
aint we all loosing values thick and fast?

venkhat said...

Shazia You seem to be catching the best lines, wanting me to read them again myself.
Knowing well that they only flowed thro'me and not from me, a confirmation.