Wednesday, 24 November 2010

One evening at a maternity ward

This was during the 80s when Chennai was still called as Madras - nalla Madras.

The bay was affected with the cyclone, the walls were being battered, and the water could still flow through the drains,the middle aged cycle rickshaw man pulled up against the steps of the R S R M government hospital,the young pregnant lady was helped to climb down by her smart well built husband, who quickly pulled up his shirt to pay the rickshaw walla from his inner pant pocket, to be brushed away by the gestures of the rickshaw man to help his lady in pains.

Words were passed and quickly a wheel chair for the lady was made available and the 100 meters to the labour ward was passed in a run of a minute and half, careful with the treasure of the pregnant lady.

The ayaas and the nurses were ready to recieve the case,the girl was quickly sized and a maroon robe of petti coat was offered for a change of dress.

The anxious husband was made to wait outside, he found other equally anxious men,but men rarely make idle chatter to strangers so it was quietness in a place of many men.

The ward was a mixture of ayaas , nurses, new terrified students,a post graduate doctor and full term pregnant women .

The new patient was a lucky one to have found a bright student, an encouraging ayaaa, and an understanding doctor, who led her to a place and with the help of existence and so much we do not know, a baby girl was delivered naturally and a smiling mother was born.

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Shazia said...

I liked the way you said "a baby girl was delivered naturally and a smiling mother was born."
yes, a mother was born!