Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gardening - a play with the plants

Ever since i can remember i always loved to dig and play in the mud, and if there was any one building a house, i was always around playing, and digging up in the mound of sand and stones.

I have heard folks say they are at the garden, working,for me it is always an outdoor play at the garden, with no referee and no rules and complete freedom, but with it comes the responsibility that is is nature's home and we should be careful with her territory, for her to show her beauty.

Now that we have the monsoon, the occasional showers are like a head bath for the plants having a complete clean up of all the muck acquired during the past few months.

It is such a pleasure to just dig up and pull off the weeds and clean up the mess, that it would make the goddess going to the temple, pass our garden street for a check up and admiration of her style.

The colourful crotons, jasmines, hibiscus, oleanders, and the herbs of the kitchen, make the simple street a pantheon of green gods home.

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