Saturday, 16 April 2011

Alternative medical practioners-murderers?

A few days ago North Carolina was into a bill making all alternative medical practitioners (even if they have a license according to their systems) up against felony charges, and that is like murder.( SB 31)

Now the state of Nevada is up with the follow the leader game, wonder which will follow next, and then across the world.
( SB 412)

Well Codex Alimentarius is here to stay rooted , for the welfare of the big pharma and their cousins in the medical business.

We will get what we deserve, but if u search and verify and want what is good safe and natural, then u have to see what all is available, and WHERE.


Yoda said...

The use of homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy and unani is so widespread in the world it would be like trying to stop a flood, gardner.

These pharmas can only sell to the healthy - they kill everyone sick and lose their clients and therefore these desperate measures to acquire new ones.:)

venkhat said...

I hope u are right Yoda, it is scary to see the tactics that are being used to keep the practitioners in the Allopathic field blind to all the flaws, with gifts and study material that makes them accept the books as biblical and not question the trends they follow.

Yoda said...

They're cowards not to face the truth that their own clients show them, gardner, that their system isn't working.

Just google a search on scabies/mange and you'll see the enormous mental and emotional suffering they ignore with their massive doses of pesticide to the already distressed host. Even a child wouldn't poison and kill his garden to get rid of microorganisms on it - but these doctors will.

A single dose of homeopathic psorinum gives more relief than years of their treatment. That's the evidence that supports alternative medicine above all their bullshit.

venkhat said...

Thanks Yoda for those comforting words, as long as folks like u are there there is hope for the systems that are natural and for mankinds health.

Healthcare is not a business,but seeing the trend, my wife comments that M B A doctors are in abundance and the MBBS without them are few, and rare.