Friday, 8 April 2011

Movies I review

I haven't blogged in a while - I've been watching an overwhelming number of good movies. And terrible ones.:)

When I watched one movie a week, and that's how slow emule was, I had time to review both good and bad ones - I even watched some of them twice. That's way in the past now - I get to see 3 movies or more a day with Vuze and I don't much care to review anymore!

First of all, it seems to have fulfilled some kind of long suppressed visual longing - books were the only permitted indulgence for us oldies and they're not very visual, though compelling for imaginative people. I think I needed to see how others see stories, see it through their eyes.

This age of the internet, the first decade 21st century, with vast visual resources so easily available has been a boon to fulfilling that dream - but it probably won't last much longer. Places like Isohunt where you can find virtually every movie ever made are going down with copyright closures; youtube and 4shared which had so much quality are self-policing themselves into oblivion - there's very little of quality material left on them. But lets enjoy it as long as it lasts.:)

I'm not going to review as much as I used to - I'll try to cover the good ones, maybe even the bad ones if they're current, but I doubt if I'll go one movie at a time anymore.

None of 2011 crop so far has been a must-watch except:
The Fighter [* * * * *]. Fabulous action, true story and very good acting by Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.
Freakonomics [* * * *] A rogue economist who finds evidence to link legalizing abortion and the drop in crime totally rocks.
The 2011 don't-watch list:
Sucker Punch [* * *]- horrifying abuse in a mental institution disguised as a fantasy adventure.
Rango [* * *]- an animation about a chameleon who saves a town from water shortage.
Mean Girls 2 [* * *] - high school mean girls and one who takes them on.
Sharpey's Fabulous Adventure, Age of Dragons, Dirty Movie, Cougars Inc. [* *]


Shazia said...

nice to see you post something after such a long time. Was wondering where you had vanished. :)

Yoda said...

I've been around but just too lazy from the heat to write anything. Thanks for the concern.:)

venkhat said...

i had different thoughts,maybe the ones in Bolly wood noticed Yoda for a role in their next movie of a Bangalorian belle meeting a smarty from Mumbai,and they stole away Yoda.

Yoda said...

haha, venkhat, flatterer.:)