Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Painfull fingers at an exam

Gone are the days of essay writing for exams they said, but it is still present as evident from a recently conducted exam for age olds who still want to learn things at a vocation training.

Me and my lady found the center through land marks offered earlier,
my lady had yet to finish her record work, so she got my papers and we sat at a near by shop entrance and there she was copying my work with her recently got spectacles on, giving her a school girlish look and as mature as a lady judge, what a combination!!!

The exam started later than the time mentioned, and i found a place next to my wife, as we were allowed to choose our neighbors for help.

The ball point pen seemed to rush, and i had to match its speed with my mind for words to suit the question, no wonder teachers are so strict with kids not to use them , but prefer the ink pen for more cautious , slow and uniform words of correctness.

I pity the person who has to correct my paper, and even if he had me at his side during correction, i would not have been able to help with deciphering my own hand.

The questions were sharp, and needed hard work and experience and many were allowed to bring in books to help, but unless one studied them ,one would not even be able to know where things were.

It was an experience, which brought out pain to many a middle and elder writer, and one could see folks massaging themselves or walking about to sit and write again .

There was one kind hearted one who offered one of his answer sheets , literally de-pinning them to a neighbor as he did not get sheets, i had to laugh away as he was crossed by a vigilant officer, such innocence.

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