Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sensitivity - or the lack of it

When an issue touches us to the depth of our heart and we writhe in pain or ecstasy, we feel we are sensitive, but if things just touch us skin deep, is it lack of it or some thing else.

I AM getting to read so much on destruction and effects of war that i have decided to stop reading -- is this the way??

Then i am off to the hills, but my heart draws me back to do something to prevent this destructive nature of man and turn it inwards for the welfare of nature and mankind.


Shazia said...

you know Venkhat Sir,

I hope I can call you sir.. :) ( I think you are my senior, cant keep taking your name without respect! )

Sometimes the noise is so loud that you HAVE to plug your ears!! cant help it!
But if the noise doesn't stop by itself.. how long can you keep your ears plugged? You may be blocking out the good sounds!
Guess we should all get to the source(do our bit) and switch the noise off! (for mutual benefit)

venkhat said...

No Shazia , we saggis never grow up so u get to address me with no titles.