Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mercury was in, now it is out

Right from the Alice in Wonderland times, mercury effects were noticed with the mad hatters disease, but we have failed to accept them even now.

At last the dental association and other top abbreviated organizations are willing to phase out dental procedures with mercury.

The old timer dentists argue that they have had no problems with mercury, naturally as they dont see cases other than the oral cavity and they do not mingle and discuss things with the general physicians who get to see the effects of their work.

Thank god now there are biological dentists who work with non-mercurial material.

For those who have already had their cavities filled, check out what u have and what u will get, from those who refused to read and keep with the times.


Shazia said...

oh this was quite enlightening!
I have so many cavities filled with god knows what!! Got to check asap!
Thanks Venkhat for spreading awareness!

venkhat said...

Thanks for the encouragement Shazia.

Let us get to save ourselves and the next generation from such stupidities,of filling our cavities with poisons