Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ballot - Stamping or Punching

The days of stamping on a design for electing a nominated person with an inked piece of wood with a swastika sign is gone.

Now a days the computer machine, with a punch button is the norm, the elders of those days are getting used to this fashion too.

Many a voter has expressed his desire to have a ballot paper for his valid vote, but has been turned down for the keeping with the times of the world , with the computer machine for the benefit of time and accounts.

Those who know machines, know how well it works, the way we give it commands and so it can be manipulated, why care about good work and winning the heart of the voter and spending so much money with other methods, easy, win the heart of the machine and its engineers who make the programme.

It is time we go back to the paper ballots which cannot be tampered, if the security for its proper handling is taken care of.

Then may the best for the land WIN.

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