Thursday, 28 April 2011

Loosening a belt or tightening it

There has been a marked change in the dinner menu for a function among the citizens of Ellampillai.

The cuisine has taken for a blend of the north and south, served on a banana leaf, on table tops.

Buffet style is yet to take its step into our bubbling town, but will soon, seeing the wastage of food that is taking place, and the hurry burry.

The last dinner i had been too was a great hit, and a bouncing waste.
One has to be wary of a quick hand that serves and rushes to the next person's leaf,the target it seems is to fill the spaces of the leaf than the tummy of the person.( there is an overflow)
The menu for the dinner i went last was,

vegetable ghee pulav
peppered appalam
deep fried yam
butter beans sundal
mysore bonda with a cashew inside
chappathi with paneer gravy, ( roomali roti at another one)
bisi bele bhath
curd rice
white rice with more kulambhu,( with a vadai ) rasam
mango pickles

followed with banana, fruit salad ice cream and iced paan( the betel leaves all the way from kolkatta.

Like some one said,
"When u hate to waste the food that is served, u know where it goes WAIST."

Now u know why i am round and like a bouncer when i walk.


Shazia said...

The waste and waist part was good.
So I gather you lapped all of it up.. I had a cousin granny, she disliked to waste food.. and treated her tummy with the waste.. Inspite of me asking her to reduce this intake and to stop taking her tummy as bin, she kept doing that!She was warned by doctors to reduce weight.. alas! she is no more.. passed away the first half of this year.. a shocking loss!!

better be careful..

venkhat said...

Thanks for the caution,to be taken seriously.

very true how we take our tummy to be a bin.
i am 60 kgs, my grand dad, who was the president of the village for 30 odd years, lived to be 85, never ate at functions,i wonder how he managed, or may be granny's dinners were more tasty and nutritious.

Yoda said...

Sounds like a feast. I always go expecting to eat a lot and end up without an appetite from all the expectation.:)