Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Genetic manipulation - human milk from cows

I had always been fighting that cows milk is for its calf, may be one of the scientist had over heard it from some ones close by, and they have been manipulating genes .

The result is udders making breast milk of humans, is there no end to such stupidities, i have a feeling the scientists are being forced to make studies by monster companies for their games and gains.

No honest scientist would work for such results - a shame


Shazia said...

hehe, a friend of mine even gave it a name, breastkin robbins. Lol!

Shazia said...

check this out

Yoda said...

ew, the idea is so gross I wonder who thinks of these things. Scientists are our new insane.

venkhat said...

The scientists are the slave laborers in this game, the industrialists who have no games to play, bring on havoc thinking that they are gods who can better the originals.

Most of the scientists hate their jobs i am sure, and like Eintstein who was asked what he would like to be, if he was given another chance for a profession, he confessed he would like to take up plumbing.

Shazia said...

I heard that the more you know the more you know that you know nothing!
:) Einstein must have thought the same thing!
I do think men are messing up with nature!! When will we learn?!!