Monday, 25 April 2011

A warning on the label

According to the laws of the land, a warning for a substance is notified on a product.
How moral and sensitive the firm is regarding the society!

Who gets to read the warnings? the public, the shop keepers, the doctors ( if it is medicines) the respective department secretaries?

If it is only an eye wash, where do we start, to make an awareness.
The most simplest example is "statutory warning cigarette smoking is injurious to health"

High on the list is pandemix vaccine which E U says must have a warning of narcolepsy.

The warning on the label is for whom? the doctors who do not see the medicines, the patients who do not get to see the vials or the pamphlets, or for the nurses who get to take the medicines from the vials and discard the packs?

catchy slogans ' we are committed to the safety of the patient"

"vaccines have an excellent safety record"

I wonder if there will come a time, when those who are high in the checking program will ever get to see the light of truth, and if they do, i do not think they would be in a state to blow it out.

The bottom is , this game of words is for the legal clashes if they ever happen from the customer side, to win them over and escape penalization.

How far sighted of the manufacturers.

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