Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Splenda is not splendid

The craze for sugar is insatiable, hence an alternative for an existing sweetener is evident, till another comes on to the market, disqualifying the present product.

Natural sugars are best for the body and most suited for its assimilation.so to trick us consumers a slogan, " Made from sugar, so tastes like sugar"

How gullible we are when we are told that a product has been certified by high authorities, and tests had been done,let us see this para on tests.

"Splenda was approved by the FDA as a tabletop- and general-purpose sweetener in processed foods in 1998. The FDA claims the approval was based on more than 110 animal and human safety studies. However, what they don't specify was that out of these 110 studies, only two were human studies, consisting of a combined total of 36 people, of which only 23 people actually ingested sucralose.

Additionally, the longest of these two human trials lasted only four days and looked at sucralose in relation to tooth decay, not human tolerance! "

U want a sweet with no bad effects " hunt for natures sweet fruits or chemical free country jaggerry"

Wishing u sweet times.

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Shazia said...

It is unfortunate that we are all so ill informed.., and we dont realize how harmful the world is getting to be!!
Thanks for the info!