Tuesday, 19 April 2011

From 9 /11 to 3/11 and beyond

A calender of the present times can be categorised into different sectors ,and the one that came to my mind is this.

September 11 to 3 rd march.

One can recline in a favorite chair and go deep into the tragedies that has happened since that fateful morning, till this late afternoon, and how pictures and flash news have been churned up for the gullible public to make them gossip away for lifetimes and future generations.

If Nature is the cause, may she be dammed, if man is the cause may he be dammed.

what ever is the reason, a heart as hard as mine has been bashed, so i can imagine the heart of a soft person, and innocent ones who have been affected.

May something happen for such things not to occur again.


Shazia said...

I agree, damn them!

However, I dont agree about your hard heart :)

Yoda said...

Shazia, you're right he has a soft heart.:)