Saturday, 13 February 2010

Clay Pot - Cooking

The future generations to come, will study our culture from the surviving clay pots and the indestructible plastics, with their archeological findings, most other things will get turned to dust from the accumulation of the nuclear missiles in the military cupboards, when brought to use against one another.

Let us at least hope one of us finds a way to bio degrade the plastics before we get to cover ourselves with the junk we make of them .

Many a middle class family has seen shifts from a state of malnourished slimness to affluence obesity, and cultural cuisine borders are being de-fenced with the information sharing and mingling of folks.

We recently had a chance to see a potter at the village market who guided us into clay pot cooking .we bought three pieces and tried out simple recipes, from our daily menus.

The food gets to be evenly cooked and the food stays warmer for a longer time and I am sure the nutrition part of the food is maintained.

We have tried wheat uppuma and mixed vegetables in the curry and in the dry forms,

Vegetable soups, dal and chenna. We are leaning to innovate more varieties to bring out the best in the food and less loss of its nutrients in them.

Try and share your tastes and satisfactions. Am sure u all have specialities,winning the appreciation of the family and the health care of all at home.

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Yoda said...

I must say learning to cook in a clay pot was a high point in my culinary experiments, thanks to you, Venkhat!:)

The food is delicious with an earthy aroma that's unbeatable.