Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Egg plant - Brinjals

There has been a lot of controversy recently in India, about the lovely brinjals being altered from the original form created by Mother Nature.

Genetically manufactured organism variety of brinjals are being studied to be cultivated for the Indian market by the Monsonto company, they have been debated and the cooked up results accepted , but later rejected, stalled.

I hope the awareness stays and the dirty political minded ones get a good kick up the butt,

Like the Monsonto ones got recently from inside the company by Mr Jagadisan of Bangalore who worked in that company,for patriotic reasons, and outside by the awareness of the young minds with a broad future outlook.

The local variety of egg plants are a favorite in our place, many a dish is prepared for the welfare of the present generation and future generations to come, as they say it cares for that system.( I had always thought that is why the name has been selected as it helps in the women folk lay the eggs correctly).

There are a variety of dishes prepared with the brinjals that there is no day without a dish using them in our place.They go great with the drum stick sambar .The drum sticks have been drummed as one which increases libido, ding that, they do more things above the waist, and general welfare of the person, than just that and mind games.

I hope we continue to get our original vegetables for a long time to come.as this is the basic of our rights to living- unadulterated natural products from Mother Nature.

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