Monday, 15 February 2010

Tennis – a game of love and peace

Tennis is a peaceful game.

The umpire starts the game with “love all”

Let your imaginations have one of the other genders as the players in my wordy game.

The game by itself brings out the best in the person, the partner, the aces they make, the long duels, drop shots and runs to the edge of limits in stretching. The smashes and the lobs all practiced with skill at other places, get to be courted here.

The skirts getting higher and the colorful bands and hair do’s a distraction, adds to the thrill of the game.

In real life too the partner can be the only one who can bring out the best in us, how ever we may have learnt skills and strategies the real love game happens at home with our partner, the courting as the court.

We may start with an ace of a bouquet, or the other vollies of sweetness, every game is different and every set a thriller, the game is played not to win a trophy, but for the sheer thrill of bringing out the best in us, wining the heart of the player is the ultimate that happens by itself.

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