Thursday, 18 February 2010

Will u be my Valentine?

Will u be my Valentine?

When the dreams seemed so true,
When the sky looked all blue,
When the smile; on my cheeks transformed into blush,
I knew you were my crush!

I thought for hours about you,
And still the hours seemed to be so few,
When every second we were apart, stroke me like a knife,
I came to know you were my life!

I wandered next to the sea,
Jus’ like around the flowers wanders the honey bee,
I looked naively at the stars,
And I knew you were my prince that came from mars!

I am the dreamer of dreams,
And my love for you flows like a stream,
I am in that stream, like an innocent dove,
Who would bestow on you, all her love!

Today is the day; I’d love to be yours,
With your love I would want to get lured,
Happiness would be the sign…
If you would, “Be My Valentine?”

- Ragini
P.S. - the day has gone, but the feelings shall prevail! Belated Valentine Wishes to all!


venkhat said...

May the Venusian person that u are, find that handsome Marsian soon, and may he show u the way to the stars.
Belated wishes and warm times, nice rhymes

sriganeshh said...

this one is so beautiful and touchy..wish seen this bef valentine day...


Yoda said...

very lovely! a way with words have you!

May you find that lover who will be everything your heart can encompass.:)

Yoda said...
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Ragini said...

venkhat -- haha i hope the same! Awaiting the Marsian! :p

Sri -- oops! i wanted to post it on Val.. but i dunno y i dint!

Yoda -- u sound like Amora :p

Thank u guys! i m glad u ppl liked it! its very very encouraging!!