Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ridge Gourd Scrubber

It was Friday the day of the village shanty, one can get any thing from a bamboo basket , fruits and vegetables,to a sickle or a t- shirt.The vendors reach their regular places and unpack to start selling before the sun gets to slacken the sales.

I had gone to pick up coconuts, and chanced to notice an old lady, sitting with the dried up Ridge Gourds as her wares.

I had been using them as scrubbers, and when I could not get them regularly switched to no scrubbers.

These are a variety of ridge gourds which are left in the plant itself to dry.

The initial scrubs can be rough, but they get softer with every next bath, all the seeds get released and later only the webs of the vegetable are left, letting the body have a soft vegetably good bath.

The basil powder, and this scrubber, make a great combination for a refreshing bath.

So there lies the scrubber on the bathroom rack turning itself into a coir, with every bath to be replaced by the next scrubber soon.

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Yoda said...

I use one too. They're terrific.:)