Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Way of the Dragon (1972) [* * * *]

This is the beginning of Bruce Lee's control over his films - he was director and scriptwriter for Way of the Dragon. The comedy is about Tang Lung, Bruce Lee, sent from Hong Kong to Italy to help fight off the land mafia who want a chinese restaurant. It's an endless battle, and the stakes keep rising until what is the most defining moment of the movie - the fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum (what a terrific use of Roman gladiatorial history to place eastern martial arts at the pinnacle of fighting traditions!).

This movie relieves some of the stress of the fighting with humour - a terrific eastern touch bollywood has used for years.


venkhat said...

The practice sessions Mr Lee gives to his country men in Italy,are things for us to remember.
the last fight with Mr Chuck Norris at the Collosseum is a very religious duel between two masters, and one takes side with Mr Norris , when he fights for the love of his art and not gives uP, Mr Lee's emotions are wonderfully controlled with a silence of a master.

Yoda said...

I even liked how Bruce Lee goes back and puts the cloak and belt near the dead man as a sign of respect. So rare we see such gestures in the place of words in movies!