Friday, 26 February 2010

Killer Whale Kills

The recent episode of a killer whale killing an animal trainer at sea world, is again a reminder that, if man humiliates an animal and kills it, it is GAME, but when it retaliates it is called as DISASTER.

Keeping the animals confined in a space is horrid. I can’t even stand restriction for a limited time in a closed space, so I can imagine one which had the whole sea, to be claustrophobed in a water tank.

I am one who is against animal experiments, vivisection and animals acts, at circuses, and on the streets, like the bear, the elephant,and the monkey show .

I am all for the acrobatic skills of humans , but not sharing the stage with the animals.

In the pharmaceutical world the animals are used for testing when a new drug is developed, I see no reason why they should be used as guinea-pigs.

Are rats and guinea-pigs humans, or are we rats, in this rat racing world?

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Yoda said...

Totally agree.

What a shame that parents think children enjoy animal suffering - even at 6, I remember hating every animal humiliation that I was forced to witness.

I hope every child grows up to reject with their very souls these zoos, seaworlds, circuses and aquariums - the places of mindless incarceration for the crime of being different.