Monday, 15 February 2010

Prize-night at a village school.

The evening sun was setting on the western sky, it was captivating from the hillock near our kids school. The music was drifting from the school and the flags fluttering in the breeze from the high buildings were visible from a distance.

The setting was for the school prize night celebration. Our son was very particular we make it on time if we wanted a choice seat and did not want to miss any of the events.

The chief guest was punctual to the time on the invitation card, he was ceremoniously received by the school band and escorted to the parlor for refreshments.

All the parents were with their wards all costumed and cosmetic painted for the cultural acts.The make shift stage was open on all sides and coir matted for the floor and cuts out of school emblem and words of encouragements for the backdrop,the audience were chaired on the playground amidst security arrangements.

The guest and other dignitaries were welcomed on stage .The principal read out the annual report ,sharing the activities of the calender year, stressed more on extra curricular activities and achievements and encouraging the students and teachers to do much better.

The guests all spoke words of encouragements and praises for the school and its staff.

A few past students had come to see the Alma Mater in all its grandeur and even offered a cash prize for the best over all student.

Prizes were awarded to achieving students and staff members .

The cultural events were very patriotic and touching on family bonding, it allowed most of the students to have a part on stage.

We were tapping to the beats of jai ho and vandhe mataram of A R Rehman.Micheal Jackson was remembered by a song dance sequence to commemorate him and his team.

The kids and staff seem to have much more than they seem to have. It was a feeling of a family event .

We all returned home after the village slept to a late night dinner and bed.

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