Monday, 15 February 2010

Enter the Dragon (1973) [* * * * *]

This was Bruce Lee's 3rd and last movie. He died 2 weeks before its release.

The story is of a shaolin monk, Bruce Lee, who has a duty to perform for his monastery - to bring a corrupt monk called Han to justice. He does it without emotion, such a remarkable break from traditional 'heroes'. The thriller has a remarkable cast of black, white and yellow actors even though it was mostly shot in Hong Kong. Most people recall it as one of the best international films ever created.

Fight aficionados must have watched it over and over again to remember the famous "The style of no style" zen-like martial artist quote [which later evolved into Jeet Kwan Do, the first MMA - mixed martial arts, with which Bruce Lee is credited, and the Freerunning movement].

However, my entire childhood memory of the revolves around the female figures (which is now obvious to me were not central, but then women see movies differently looking for their own meaning). The greatest shock of my childhood was when Bruce Lee's sister killed herself with a piece of glass to save her 'honour' - until then I didn't think women had to kill themselves, and the other compelling images that I recall is of the woman washed up with heroin scarred arms and a bunch of them locked up in glass boxes as guinea pigs for addiction. I also remember clearly when John Saxon saved the cat from the guillotine. (The rest is a blur of fighting and artificial claws on men.:)

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