Friday, 30 September 2011

A bundle of neem sticks-seeks a brusher

A colleague of mine said, neem sticks in our land, are a villagers way to a relaxed brushing, for healthy gums and strong teeth .

A pity there is no time for this safe and sure method, as one is off for a frothy quick swish and a fragrant finish, followed by a smile to oneself at the mirror.

I took to a change , after I had a chance to see the contents of a tooth paste in Readers Digest, long ago.

Some recent studies showed,these ingredients in most toothpastes available across the world.

propylene glycol,
sodium lauryl sulphate
sodium phosphates
hydrated aluminium oxides
xanthum gum
tannic acid
and of course fluoride.

A study on each one could say it is only an abrasive, a re- mineraliser, an antibiotic, a foaming agent, a thickening agent, a sweetener, an anti- freeze, or a de-melter,flavorants and an anti- caries agent.

Well if all these need to be added to a teeth care compound, when there is a safer alternative, be it native, tribal or some other, it is worth a change, for a good risk less oral hygiene.

Chew a neem twig and brush with it, when u get the feel of a tooth brush, with its bristles.

Find a neem tree, and its twig tomorrow.

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