Thursday, 15 September 2011

A kick away from kickbacks

Let me share some of my village ways
for a doctor.

In the days I started, my practice, I wrote my prescriptions on my
letter head, only to get requests from medical shops, how I would like
my prescription pads, how kind I thought of them , later the color
shades, out they came with my address and clinic timings.

Later came the requests of doc, how about filing up more
prescriptions for these left over medicines, or ideas of this is
better than your best.

Now my thoughts were, "how demanding they are".

Next came on the investigating teams,labs, " we have all these
facilities , and all these results for u in a day, or hours", request
pads with all the investigations titled, and we only have to tick.

How sweet .

Many a patient found multi- tests done more than the requested ones.
How scientific and far searching! out went the request slips to the
dust bin, for the benefit of my handwriting.

For my quietness and selecting their labs,they would offer a slash of
theinvestigations money collected , not fair i refused.

Ohhhh the cartons and cartons of sample drugs and what would we do, i
used to run free camps to get to keep my place spacious, until i found
the ones who came along for the camps to make it a gala charity show
with, this many camps and sort of a spiritual show, me and my wife
only had it as a sort of a picnic and fun loving for our professional

Then there was that out door vacation arranged by a multi- national
company, little did I realize I was taken up for a ride to see a hill
station and spend time on their money , and later feel guilty that I
should do some thing to sell their products, good lord.

It was at that time, I began to realize that I was being used, to
exploit who ever I could,
So the prescription pads were refused , and made to order to my taste
with my money.
next the samples were not accepted and more questions were asked and
the medical representatives were asked to convince me with pharma
kinetics, pharmaco dynamics and do their homework.
No more free camps and no spiritual ego kicks.

Thank god no more vacations on company piggy back.

Now no more carrying company logos ,and advertisements.

This is when, the generally yelling public who had said doctors are
BUSINESS administrators with a medical degree,, switch, and say ,
pulaika theriya allu pa.( one who does not know how to survive)

It can be difficult to manage a practice with out these normally
acceptable trends.

Well things carry on, and am moving, safetly away to alternative
medicines with no clutches to these necessary practices.


Shazia said...

you got the guts!!
And I loved the spending time (precious) on their (worthless) money, only to feel guilt and burden.
Am I glad I found a physician at last!!

venkhat said...

Thanks, it is kindness and worth the difficulties.

ram said...


venkhat said...

With the courage came the happiness of something valuable.
Thanks Ram