Monday, 5 September 2011

A rare ailment - school sickness

I was aware of this sickness which came on during my long winter vacation of 3 months, during my school days.

The vacation started around mid november and went on till mid february.
My mother cared for me well, and pampered me, and utterly spoilt me with food, and affection, how lucky i was.

I missed the neat ness of the dormitory, the silent walk to the school assembly, the chanting of the school song.

The sound of the spoon and fork on the china dishes at the refectory,the Wednesday movies , which were selected to the highest of values, the titles of which i still remember from " machanas gold ,to the good, bad and the ugly."

I missed the smell of the freshly laundered clothes, neatly laid on the bed, and the warm feeling of getting into the bed of the changed linen on Thursdays.

The Sunday walks down aeroplane stream and other favourite haunts were missed.

How could one who was sick with such a syndrome, get well!
Back to school was the only remedy.

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