Thursday, 1 September 2011

Custard Apples - another temptation from mother nature

What a reminder these fruits must have been to get the Englishman to think of his land.

It just seems some time and the season of custard apples is there again.

My grand ma used to get them in baskets to woo the kids to her side, and share the booty,all of them have grand kids of their own and remember those times with respect for her.

Arranged in a cluster on a carpet, the market folks sell them with care, lest the fruits get hurt, and crushed.

I was very scared to try them again this season, as i had memories of catching a difficult cough, after i had treated myself to these fruits last time.

As far as i know, no one seems to make a business of planting these, they are only from the wild,hence no pesticides and fertilisers, or have they also been targeted?

These are fruits which u cannot have more than a few,and get spoilt soon, it is natures way of keeping u from getting greedy.
They clean up the insides and expel the garbage, with a cold i was told.


Shazia said...

Didnt know that custard apples had flushing quality!!

ram said...

ya custard apples are rich in taste and goodness of mother shown... transportation of riped fruits of course is a prob. we should have a tree of our own to taste the real taste.