Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Soya - the meat of the month

In this region,this particular month( puratasi) is considered a time for keeping away from meat, those who are regular eaters find this month a dull drab time for food, a forced abstinence and dreams filled with meats and aromatic dishes of that kind.

Soya meal maker has been introduced, and its chunky meat like consistency has been accepted, and one can find it in the pulav s and biriyani look alike dishes.

soya is not part of our culture, the far eastern folks ferment it , which produces substances that counter balance the bad things in soya.


Soya is grown in many parts of India, not for staple food , but for its oil and other benefits, and exports.

The Gmo soya , is beyond question a danger to the future generations to come, with research being done and stopped.

In other countries i have heard , soya is being used as a supplement for meat, vegetarian chicken, crabs and shrimp, look alike with pincers too.

Phytoestrogens, phytates and so many others are present in them , that i got scared and told the hotel where we dine, to stop soya or all the men who eat in the hotel will soon loose their moustache.

Women add it to the rice dough, it is used as a softening agent.

It is time we say no to Soya.


Shazia said...

I don't understand why is sterility being promoted ?
Why depopulate?

venkhat said...

Shazia, the world is getting crowded, and the people who are ruleing find the resources being wasted.

"Thinning Out The Useless Eaters" · Kissinger's Food Control Genocide

There is a stone in Georgia like stone hedge , which has words written, and the first is a population of 500 000 000 to make a start of their agenda.