Thursday, 22 September 2011

A shift from one grass to another

We, in south India, belong to a region and culture which has Rice as a staple food.

With the rise in diabetes in the modern world,with new medicines and changes in life style, i wanted to make a point in a shift from rice to wheat.

Both the cereals are a variety of grass, and hence the title.

The dishes we have with wheat, needs us to chew our food well, a munch and munch, till it gets well mixed with saliva before being swallowed,

With the rice dishes, our chewing is less and the food is quickly gulped.

The rice that comes to the market is bright and white, and hence less nutritious with the loss in polishing.

The wheat is ruddy and muddy and hence more nutritious.

The rice , goes great with pulse powders,( podi) sambar, rasam , curd separately and alone or one after the other, making the lunch a feast.

With the wheat preparations, like chapattis,they go great with dal or vegetables,and equally feasty.

The calorie is more with rice and more of starch , which all the more makes us want to make a move north on the path of wheat.

Do u join me?


Shazia said...

I can never have my meal without chapatis, so its a case of you joining me :)

venkhat said...

Venkhat gladly melts with the wheatees.