Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Literal sense!

I am a very straightforward person.
Maybe the world is round for a reason, but I am not one of the world.

My elders instructed me, never sleep with a boy. I wondered, what is the harm in sleeping?
I can sleep wherever I want, when I want, with whom I want!!
After all if I happen to be travelling, I have to sleep with so many boys/men!!
Big deal!
So no one tried to explain to me what sleep really meant and I found out much later that it was something else!

Similar thing happened sometime ago, where a friend said he found his wife with another couple in a room.
Naturally he kept saying and I kept wondering, why was he upset?
This time of course, I got it cleared sooner!

Same for drinking, I thought why not drink? God! everybody drinks! Who on earth doesn't drink?
Water for example could only be drunk! So yes, I do drink!

Grrr Why can't people talk to the point instead of going round and round and having multiple meanings for a simple basic word!!

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