Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A squeeze on lime

I remember there was a famous restaurant in one of the small lanes in Parry s corner in one time Madras, Hamadias.

It was a small eating joint catering to the a variety of customers from rickshaw pullers to big timers, and even Stanley doctors who would one day become surgical registrars of United Kingdom.

The first thing that was served for special customers in their air con restaurant was lime,onions and their speciality pickles, appetisers and mood creators.

It is a curse these days to see lime being crushed under tyres or cut and thrown across the streets.

How it would be if one could offer a lemonade to the ones who are going to travel , to have a good enjoyable journey and a safe return home, with the same lime, than see it crushed and wasted.

The lime is said to have so many good elements with it, that it could save one of the many ailments that one gets these days with junk foods.

We must remember it was this that saved the limeys, on the deck of the sea sick sailors suffering from scurvy.

The acidic lime turns to a different nature once inside the body, that it keeps the pH of the blood stable and soothes the body of its heat and acidic qualities.

It goes great with sea salt , a squeeze of its juice with sprouts can be a great treat, with salads of carrots, tomatoes, and onions it can turn the readers salivate.

Ours is a spiritual country, and any ritual has many offerings of lime, to be used and relished later, and not to be kept and discarded .

Have a lemonade, and enjoy your work.

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