Monday, 19 September 2011

Hot Dogs and Cold Men

Our village is not under the dog catchers net yet, so we can see the dogs running around during the season of their heat, some amongst us have learnt to accept their mating, and others show their mind by throwing stones at them.

These dogs are warm. We men are cold.

The happenings across the world, in matters of democracy, and killings in the name of security, freedom and liberty expose the coldness of us humans in regard to fellow men.

I was thinking if men took more to natural tendencies of living, sharing, appreciating nature, warmth and love, our cultivated cunningness will go, and we can discard all these ammunition of war, and our cruelness to fellow human beings will shift to trust,friendship, exchange of trade, and rise in consciousness.
We seem to lack love and affection, or are we shy to express it, and that suppression leads on to aggressive ,explosive nature, and with it the sadistic wild games of pillage, in the name of humanitarian aid.


Shazia said...

There was a movie on tv recently.. it showed how it would be better without war and crime etc?? There was a virus intoduced which killed humane feelings.. so people stopped hating but they stopped loving as well!!

Humans have been conditioned to behave like humans.. not animals.. and by doing so.. by conditioning, we tamed our wild side.. and we did something more.. perhaps tamed our consciousness too!! :(

venkhat said...

Shazia, that was not natural,so the consequence.

When things happen naturally with evolvement, consciousness will raise of a human, with out his humane feelings being lost.

I am reminded of a line from Richard Bach " illusions",
" what the caterpillar calls the end of life, the master calls it a butterfly".

I kept reading your second para soo many times, those two dots in between, seem so mysterious, u seem to have much to express,that i don't know for now.

Your words make me think.

Shazia said...

I can say the same for your blogs.. they make me think too!! :)