Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sea salt , seeks salvation at an hypertension meet

It was another of those rural clinical society meetings arranged at Cennys in Salem and the topic was" Hypertension and management".

I was asked to introduce a guest of the day a Deputy Director of Health services for the Salem district, following which the speaker of the evening ,DR Bakthavatchalam spoke a wonderful speech with slide show, on hypertension.

After the question and answers died down , I asked if i could share Nature's sea salt, in relation to hypertension.

I had taken the small vessel that u see in the picture and expressed the best of the salt , its hygroscopic nature of attracting water, its trace elements, and potassium content, its value in the culture and many more points.

On the other side, I shared the contents of the iodised industrial salt, and requested the audience to think and show concern for the revival of the sea salt for its qualities, and its organic nature for our benefit.

A few asked questions on the salt, and if it could be available and hygienic in quality,but none questioned on the benefits in regard to hypertension , even though i stressed its value, with slides of gunny sack, and our kitchen.

May be i need to seek and search the way to the intelligence of the audience with light, experience, words and actions.

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