Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Soup - time

The gap between lunch and dinner , is a large spaced one.

For those who are not used to taking those oiled fried bajjis and bondas,it could be a difficult time for the women of the home to satisfy these health conscious folks.

One menu for those 5 'o clock ones is the vegetable soup.

Last evening we had carrot soup, normally we have it along with beans, but the beans were not to the satisfaction of my lady , so out they went.

The carrots were washed and cut into thin small pieces,this time a special greens meant for the next days lunch, went with the carrots , they were boiled well with the spices on the kitchen slab,seeragam, (cumin seeds)and salt and chilli powder to taste.

The vegetables could be a waste if the elders in the home would not eat it, and so a blender is used to mash the vegetables and boil again for some time
and the end result is what u see, and can smell if u close your eyes.

This could be an appetiser for an early dinner of chappatis.

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