Sunday, 4 September 2011

A pith that dissolves -stones, and melts a heart

Many would think that getting the vegetables home, and our work is over, certainly not for those who have the time and the interest in them being well done, or least in the capacity of a taster, or a relisher of the dish - some like VijayaGopal, play a part in all the roles, credits.

My preference for the banana pith has been mainly due to the renal colic i once had a few years back, i have heard they play a role in dissolving them.

My lady has been kind to make the dish inviting and palatable.

There is a knack of removing that extra fibre that nature never intended for us to take, when that is done i guess the remaining part is cooking with grace, and the ingredients can be made out in the picture.

Take a quick look, the dish goes great alone or with rice, best with chappathis.

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