Sunday, 4 September 2011

Shaking Hands and Sharing Hearts to relive Montfort

I am Yerikadu, one of the daughters of mother nature, and i have played host to many a get-together of clubs, kinds and folks of other lands, but this group is some thing special, they belong to Yercaud and are back at Yercaud.

They are the montfortians of 76' organised by Richie and chew.
I gave them a warm chill welcome with fog and mist when they were on the climb up, i had prepared them for a cascade of water falls on the way with rains a few days earlier.

I could hear a few like PR whisper " I have never been in such mist and fog up here".

I did not keep them indoor with poor horrid rains, nor spoil their next day at school for the assembly, I could literally feel myself walk in tune along with them, with the Montfort band to the assembly.

I felt warm to the hospitality of the school with its principal and staff and students play music, enact skits and sing along, felicitating the old boys with a bouquet and letting them share their hearts, and sing along the school song with them.

I was walking along with them when they were being shown the campus, and how they missed the olden days and their natural surroundings.

I am in many an estate, many treat me with respect, but there is one who treats me more than a daughter, the one at CAUVERY PEAK, Vijayan, his family care for the foliage and the grandeur of what i am .

I saw them share me with the chattering walk , and the care they offer to the animals and the shrubs.

I was along sitting at the lawn listening to the brothers talk of them as children, good family , strong bondage, i decided to keep the estate safe and give it more bounty and good crop for the Vijayans.

The group dispersed, I remembered the words spoken during the meet, "Long live Montfort and its Spirit", I think it should be so too.

Yeri kadu.

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