Thursday, 15 September 2011

Standing place to parking space

In our culture, there is a saying, that if u offer a person, some place to stand, he would request to sit and then stretch and then eventually kick u out .

It all stands true, now with the happenings in the middle east,with Palestine, they offered a place, and now they are being rejected a place in the united nations by the very ones they shared their land.

Why should they be rejected? if they are allowed then war crimes would be sought and the continuous humiliations against them would have to be stopped, or questioned.

In this we would know who are on whose side, and why.

We sure do not live in a just world.


Shazia said...

in our culture the saying is more like, give you finger and they cling on to your shoulder (or neck)!!

venkhat said...

Thanks, that is another way of seeing it too..