Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Breach of Trust

Every one has a secret, a sweet heart in the caves or a sour head on the mountain top, a nincompoop ally who has a cherry nose of a Saggittarian clown, but who is made to think he looks cute with it.

In this diplomatic world of politics such things are kept close to the heart, and that is what makes an ally, but such things when brought to the open can make a friendship bond bitter.

Diplomatic messages when brought to the open is blackmail to a degree and there is a gap of leak to the outside world, when such a condition exists, it needs to be blocked for the welfare of relationships and trade agreements.

The recent wikileaks messages are a shame to the world of politics as things are washed in the open, of course we all have our dirt, but exposing each other only makes things garbage.

America is being targeted by its own allies, it need to find out who is leaking and put a halt, as only an ally can get into such details and know the ins and out, and the timing is to side track issues of the moment.

Find and be safe AMERICA for your own good and for the welfare of the rest of the world, who look to you as the Land of plenty and Home of the brave.

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